The statistics of the fate of people trying to reach the highest peak on earth

There are many people who already know about the highest peak that exist on this earth. Because it is the highest many climbers also want to try and climb there. When it is still unknown and many are climbing other mountains the peak is just silent and it stays there living together as close as possible to the residents who regard their surroundings as one that should be respected and they should live in harmony with each other. But see what had happened.

The image above presents the data about the deaths that have occurred in the highest peak. The mountain has different routes and climbers can choose among them. Only professional hikers can be able to go there as it is very dangerous and it has claimed already many lives. Because of the difficulty of the way to go there that is why not many try to climb it. The people living near there also climb and others working as sherpa are the ones who climbed it many times.

The record above is only the death of climbers but not the sherpas. Many of them have also lost their lives trying to make a living. Because of the level of difficulty and the deaths occurred many are challenged but also there are those who prefer to climb other mountains that do not have the record of the death happened in Mount Everest. There are many sad stories but also there are victoriousĀ ones. There is a balance created for it.