Featuring the world heritage site in Indonesia: Mount Kinabalu

Here is also another mountain that you can climb that is outside the United States. We will feature more of the mountains that are popular for climbing so that you can be able to prepare and be able to know where you can take your next trip. There are many mountains that you can climb here in the United States but it is also very good to try other places as most of the climbers do. It is the pleasure that climbing can give you.

Here are some tips that I have learned also when I have been to other climbing sites that are really important to remember and practice. As the nation is in the Asian continent and you came from other continents then surely there are differences in culture and lifestyle that is why you should learn to respect their culture there. There is a mountain guide that will help you on your journey so that you can be able to reach the top with caution and a great experience.

Take note of all those basic things and prepare for the important things that you should bring during your climb. The ten essential things that you should bring in your travel is provided so that you can correctly carry things you will need. It is good to be ready than looking for alternatives that are hard to find. The six things that you can experience during the hike is also listed so you can know when to alert your guide.