Perfect Destinations for an Unforgettable Rock Climbing Experience

Rock climbing is one of the most challenging and fun adventures. If you’re not scared of heights, you’ll surely enjoy this kind of adventure. So, if you already tried rock climbing near your place, now’s the time to travel and experience it in other country. Take note of the following places which is perfect for an unforgettable rock climbing experience! Also, don’t forget to follow the techniques which you will see in the infographic below.

Gibraltar Rock. This is located at Santa Barbara, California. A lot of climbers visit this place to experience rock climbing. At first, you can climb easily but while going on top, it’s a bit challenging. Always prepare a rope for your own safety. You cannot just enjoy rock climbing in this place because once you reach the top, you can see the wonderful view of the mountains.

The Frankenjura. Experience a very challenging moment while climbing the rocks in Bavaria, Germany! If you’re looking for a greater challenge and adventure, don’t miss this place.

Railay Beach. Thailand has a lot of experience to offer you. One is rock climbing. In Krabi, you can have your rock climbing adventure and be inspired to reach your goal by glancing at the beautiful view of the beach.

Red River Gorge. This place is really perfect for a challenging rock climbing. Many rock climbers always come here in groups and they always do competition together with their friends.

Boulder Canyon.This place is located at Boulder, Colorado. You can find both male and female rock climbers. This place is perfect for beginners who want to train themselves until they become professional or expert climbers!